Special Guest Speakers

Troy Hunt is an Australian web security expert known for generating public awareness and advice on security topics. Troy created Have I Been Pwned?, a data breach search website that allows non-technical users to see if their personal information has been compromised, and is frequently involved in the publication and education around data breaches such as the Red Cross, Ashley Madison, Cloud Pets, VTech, etc. This frequently involves commentary on how systems are compromised, the nature of the data obtained by online attackers and how this information is sold and traded in underground circles.HIBP contains more than 5 billion compromised user accounts, and governments of Australia, United Kingdomand Spain use the service to monitor their official domains.

In November 2017, Troy testified before the United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce about the impact of data breaches.

Troy is known for his efforts in security education for computer and IT professionals. He has created several dozen courses on Pluralsight, an online education and training website for computer and creative professionals. He is one of the primary course authors for Pluralsight’s Ethical Hacking path, a collection of courses designed for the Certified Ethical Hacker certification, and teaches software developers with little security background how to defend their applications by looking at them from an attacker’s perspective.

Troy’s work appears in global publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, ABC, Sydney Morning Herald, Fortune, LifeHacker, The Washington Post, 7, Wired, BBC, Forbes, SBS, TIME, CNN, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, PCWorld, etc.

Troy will be presenting a Q&A on education related issues, including important advice and insight on hacking by adolescents, an exploration of the dark web, and school security anti-patterns. This will be unlike any ‘cyber safety’ presentation you’ve ever seen, with real insight presented for educators.


Keynote Speakers


Jon Corippo describes himself as a “formerly disgruntled student.” He made it almost all the way through school at a 2.9 GPA. His final three semesters in Advertising changed everything, and after about 7 years in non-educational jobs, he tried his hand in education. About 20 years later, Jon had served a decade at the K-8 level, opened a 1-1, PBL, Google-based high school, served in two county offices, including as an Assistant Superintendent and It Director. Jon has been recognized a County Teacher of the Year, a 20 to Watch Educator by the NSBA, and was a finalist in the EdTech Digest Awards. Jon also holds the Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator, and Microsoft Innovative Educator badges.
Jon is very proud of his work with CUE, where he currently serves as the Executive Director. His work with CUE includes creating the CUE Rock Star concept of Professional Development, with a focus on hands-on learning and getting teachers connected via social media. Cue Rock Star Camps now include Admin, TOSA, Teacher and Specialized Editions for core areas. Jon has lead the development of the very successful CUE Launch program, and the well received CUE BOLD Symposium. Under Jon’s leadership, CUE professional learning has trained over 45,000 educators in the last three years.

See Jon’s full bio here.

Cathy Hunt is an advocate for the creative integration of the arts and technology in education, developing ground-breaking programs for students around the world that combine hands-on, tactile and collaborative ways of working with mobile devices. As an experienced Visual Art teacher at The St Hilda’s School on Australia’s Gold Coast, Cathy is probably best known for sharing her ideas on her website iPadartroom.com, which has become an important resource for teachers working with the arts and technology. Through her bestselling books, dynamic presentations and workshops across the globe for schools, and work for prominent cultural organisations and galleries including the National Gallery of Australia, Cathy models and promotes learning across subject areas that leverages ‘hands-on making’ with 21st Century skills and tools. She has won international awards for her approach to tra-digital learning, and has shared her ideas in a global setting through keynotes for Cue and iPadpalooza in the USA, she’s been on the big stage for the world’s large edtech conference ‘ISTE’, and many other other events.
Find out more about Cathy here.

Carl Hooker has been a part of a strong educational shift with technology integration since becoming an educator. He is currently the Director of Innovation & Digital Learning in the Eanes Independent School District. As Director, he utilizes his background in both education and technology to bring a unique vision to the district and its programs. From his start as a teacher to his current district technology leadership, he’s always had one common belief – the kids need to drive their own learning. He realizes the challenges in our current public educational institutions and meets them head on. He is the “Godfather” of the learning festival called iPadpalooza, which has grown into a global phenomenon, and has a 6-part book series titled Mobile Learning Mindset. These books focus on a different stake-holder and the role they play in a successful mobile learning initiative.
Learn more about Carl here.

Featured Presenters

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“Transforming education through innovation is at the heart of what I do. Creating what no-one else has created, or being the first to make a connection, is what I love.” Paul Hamilton is the creator of ‘If I were a Wizard’, a new picture book that introduces basic coding concepts to young learners. This beautiful story includes and a whole host of accompanying resources for teachers designed to align with the Digital Technologies Curriculum. Paul is also known for ‘iPad Monthly’, and his work has been featured in ‘The Age, ‘Sydney Morning Herald’, ‘Canberra Times’ and he was also one of the first creators/users of iBeacon technology in education.
Find out more about Paul here.

Dr Jessica Hale currently serves as the Director of Learning and Innovation for Oasis International School of Kuala Lumpur, a school she has been working on from the ground up. Oasis will open it’s doors to students in July.
Jessica has worked with international schools across Asia for more than 17 years, with experiences spaning from classroom teacher to her current role which includes overseeing whole school innovation and technology implementation. Jessica has conducted research on characteristics of innovation in K12 International Schools in Asia; she also trains educators and consults with leadership on curriculum design, pedagogy, and technology integration. Jessica holds a Doctorate in Global Educational Leadership, is an Apple Distinguished Educator, and serves on the ADE Asia Pacific Advisory Board.

Anna is an educator with over 30 years’ experience working in education. As one of the writers of the Australian Curriculum, Digital Technologies, Anna is passionate about supporting teachers to further develop their skills and understandings of this new curriculum. Anna has also recently contributed to the development of resources for the Digital Technologies Hub.
In her current role as Project Manager Digital Strategies, at the Queensland College of Teachers, Anna manages a range of digital projects and works with preservice teachers and fully registered teachers to support them to further develop their digital literacy skills and capacities. In 2016, Anna was recognised and named in Queensland State Parliament as an Advance Queensland Community Champion for her contribution and work in this area.

Lauren is the Queensland Project Officer for the Computer Science Education Research Group at the University of Adelaide. Her role is to support teachers with the implementation of the Digital Technologies Curriculum though the CSER MOOCS program. She is passionate about giving every student the opportunity to learn through Digital Technologies and see the potential this curriculum area offers. Lauren has worked for over 10 years in a Primary School teaching ICT and Digital Technologies.

As Head of Innovation and Staff Learning, Dr Kelly Grogan is a key driver in the Chinese International School’s strategic planning process for the Future of Learning vision. Kelly is committed to balancing 21st century learning innovation through the implementation of sustainable practices by conducting rigorous and relevant inquiry to envision the future of learning at schools. This important work has led to further collaborations with school wide leadership on STEM related research projects and community parnterships. Kelly has also worked to organize the UNESCO Teacher’s Taskforce Policy Dialogue Forum. As program director for the MIT STEAM Camp @CIS collaboration, she is working with 250 participants across 35 schools and community stakeholders to empower students to solve real- world challenges and to engage learners with hands-on, immersive learning by doing to advance their knowledge in the STEAM areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

Brett Salakas is the well-known founder of #aussieED, the largest Australian Ed-Chat on twitter, and a moderator of multiple twitter chats. He is a passionate Primary School teacher/leader who, over the past 18 years, has taught in South East Asia and Australia in both public and independent schools. Brett is committed to turning educational theory into real classroom practice.

Special Presentations

While we can’t give away the details and spoil the surprise, this is one presentation you won’t want to miss!

Dr Rebecca Allen ​completed​ her PhD in astrophysics at Swinburne University of Technology. Her research ​focuses​ on using galaxy sizes, measured from Hubble Space telescope images, to reveal clues about their growth and evolution going all the way back to when the Universe was barely a billion years old. Now, she uses her expertise and enthusiasm to help inspire the next generation of scientists by communicating the amazing research being done at Swinburne University across all areas of STEM.

And coming to you from Vienna….

Samuel is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Composer, IB Examiner and Music Teacher at Amadeus International School, Vienna. His pedagogical experience covers Primary, Middle and Secondary Music Curriculums (Australia and the International Baccalaureate), Orff Schulwerk, Composition and Music Technology as well as Strings, Band, Orchestra, Jazz and World Ensembles. Samuel holds a degree in Music and Music Education from the University of New South Wales as well as a Masters in Music Technology from the University of Newcastle. He has presented on Collaboration with Apple Educators, Creativity with the https://k12onlineconference.org/ and he has also been featured on the ArtsIntegrationConference.com for Innovation in Music Education. He is currently working on a Masters Certificate in Composition and Orchestration for Film and TV through Berklee College, sharing lessons and sequences of learning online at wrightstuffmusic.com or twitter @wrightstufmusic.


Learn-shop Facilitators

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Nicola Flanagan is the Head of Innovation at Oakleigh State School in Brisbane. There has never been a more important time to ignite innovation in our schools with an ever growing alignment between the Digital Technologies Curriculum, Design Thinking and STEAM. In her role, Nicola is positioned within this intersection and has an incredible story to share with you.

Jonathan has 18 years experience helping light the spark that schools, universities & businesses can use to grow and learn together. He currently teaches at St Peter’s Lutheran College in Brisbane, and researches future trends and shares his findings and experiences as a story-teller, teacher, & facilitator. Find out more about Jonathan here.

Paula is Assistant Principal of Te Akau ki Papamoa School in New Zealand and currently facilitates a dedicated Makerspace where every teacher and all 700 students get the opportunity to code, design, make, create, tinker and reflect. See: http://takpmakerspace.co.nz Paula ensures young people ‘do doing’ and by exploring their passions, build confidence and foster creativity through STEAM learning. Building teacher capacity is Paula’s ultimate goal so that the maker culture is embedded in every classroom. Paula is also passionate about education in the Early Years and has published a wealth of resources on the iTunes Store.

Kendal Slack is the Deputy Principal at Carmichael College, a new P-6 school north of Brisbane. He will be heading up the secondary school opening in 2020. Having taught in education for 10 years, he is passionate about effective integration of technology within and outside classrooms, and best practices to embed this in the school culture.

Matthew has worked with some amazing schools like John Paul College, Coomera Anglican College, now fostering innovation at St Stephen’s College. He draws inspiration from teachers and leaders he engages with on Twitter as @jorganiser and LinkedIn. As a teacher, eLearning Coordinator and Microsoft Teacher Ambassador, Matthew has implemented a wide range of learning technologies to engage students, including Roblox Studio and CoSpacesEdu which he is looking forward to sharing at Techpalooza.

Sarah Hill is passionate about helping educators use technology in innovative and engaging ways with students. Her team visits schools from around WA, including remote and regional to develop tailored integrated programs with real world purpose. With this support, schools build significant skill sets with students including that include increased engagement, problem solving, resilience, independence, collaboration and communication. Her work includes consultation and planning with leadership to develop strategic plans, engage the community, creating a robust network, developing succession planning, and learning program design.

Dan Aivaliotis-Martinez is an Apple Distinguished Educator and the Coordinator of Innovation and Learning at St Hilda’s School. He oversees the Junior School STEAM Program which involves 320 students participating in over 20 individual semester long projects. Dan also supports staff through the implementation of The Coding Institute, and all students from prep to Year 6 participate in dedicated coding lessons, ranging from offline computational thinking activities to controlling drones and robots via Swift Playground. Dan has established a coding and robotics competition, and has spearheaded the St Hilda’s School Drone Academy. Students involved are provided with the opportunity to build competency and proficiency with sub 2kg category UAV such as DJI Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, Phantom 4 and Spark, construct FPV Racing Model UAV from various components, etc.

Teacher. Leader. Experimenter. Innovator. Composer. Coder. Craig Kerwin shares over 35 years of experience in teaching, learning, technology, coding and robotics. Craig leads by example. He is successful software designer, author, and app developer across multiple platforms. He has introduced coding to kids of all ages: from Prep to senior schooling. He was a forerunner in VET in schools, successfully applying for RTO status and teaching Year 11 and 12 a Certificate IV in Multimedia at one of his schools. Craig is currently completing a Swift coding course through RMIT while being seconded as an education specialist in Education Queensland’s IT Branch.

Troy Metcalf is a primary educator in Brisbane, Australia. Using the iPad in the classroom since 2012, Troy is part of the Apple Distinguished Educator 2015 class. He enjoys using technology to enable students to show their knowledge in creative and innovative ways, while also having a bit of fun.

Apple Distinguished Educator and Head of E-Learning at King’s College, Auckland, New Zealand. King’s College is an Apple Distinguished School. I have overseen the implementation of a 1:1 iPad programme across all year levels and the associated staff professional development programmes. I teach Digital Literacy to our Year 9s and Digital Citizenship to our Year 10s, which leaves a little time for teaching Visual Arts and my favourite subject, Art History, to our seniors.

Matt is the Head of Learning Technologies across Caulfield Grammar School’s five campuses. Recognised as both an Apple Distinguished Educator and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, his accomplishments reflect a high level of professional commitment and a consistent desire to enrich and improve educational outcomes for all students. Passionate about inquiry-based pedagogies, Matt leads authentic and purposeful use of technology which allows staff and students to participate in learning that is personally significant and contribute to a world that is saturated with information, images and sound.

Karleigh enjoys teaching mathematics at The St Hilda’s School. She believes that technology can be a powerful tool to help with understanding concepts and engaging students. Karleigh is passionate about helping teachers create fantastic learning opportunities by using technology purposefully and effectively.

Jason Milner is a Leader of Technology Innovation and a Classroom Teacher at Northholm Grammar School. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Microsoft Innovative Expert, BTBA (honours) and Masters of Education in Educational Research with a focus on Future Learners and adapting pedagogy.

Adrian Francis lives the passion and intuitive pedagogy of contemporary education and is a full time trainer at Using Technology Better. He is an accredited Microsoft Peer Coaching Master Facilitator, Microsoft Master Educator, a Google Certified Innovator, a Level 1 and 2 Google Certified Educator an Apple Learning Specialist and an Apple Distinguished Educator. With over 30 years experience working in Schools with an ICT and Curriculum focus in Executive positions, Adrian has lead teams in using digital tools to transform teaching and learning.

Sarah Jones is the Head of Learning Science and STEAM at Trinity Lutheran College on the Gold Coast. With 17 years of teaching experience, Sarah is an advocate of using 21st century technologies to enhance student learning. She is passionate about integrating technology and innovation into an ever-evolving pedagogical approach in both Science and STEAM classrooms. Over the last three years, Sarah has built the STEAM program at Trinity from a lunchtime club to multiple classes in Years 7, 8 and 9. The STEAM program has a clear focus on investigation, collaboration, problem solving and innovation.

Peter is passionate about teaching with mobile devices and believes that they can transform learning across the curriculum. He has a strong interest in coding and has worked with students as a Digital Technology Specialist on a diverse range of creative projects including Robotics, Green Screen, Stop Motion animation and Minecraft. Peter’s most notable publications to date are ‘Creating Stories with ScratchJr’ and ‘Teaching with the iPad’ which focuses on the pedagogy of using the iPad in the classroom. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator and is currently a Digital Technology Coach at Burnside State School on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Rick was a professional photographer/filmmaker for 23 years and a Community Cultural Development worker for 7 years working with Indigenous, multicultural and disadvantaged youth. Rick was a recipient of the Arts Victoria ‘Professional in Residence. Rick helped each of the communities to record, compose and share stories. One highlight was an Indigenous program that was exhibited at the Melbourne Museum’s Bunjilaka gallery. Rick is now Learning Area Leader (Middle Years) at Caulfield Grammar School in Melbourne He specialises in developing and building effective differentiated curriculum in an eLearning environment for middle years students. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator and global ambassador.

Greg Alchin is an inclusive design specialist, author and disability advocate with over 30 years experience in education, community and business sectors.
He specialises in creating inclusive media, environments and services that inspire innovation in how we live, learn and work. Greg uses a powerful mix of personal experience, professional knowledge and practical strategies that empower and enable everyone to be “more powerful than they or others think!”
Greg’s work has seen him collaborate with the United Nations, Assistive Technology Industry Association, Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children, Australian Publishing Association, and Apple Distinguished Educator community.

Rachel is a Prep teacher at Oakleigh State School – a school with a terrific reputation for its early and strategic implementation of the Digital Technologies Curriculum. She is interested in the intersection provided by the new Digital Technologies Curriculum and Age Appropriate Pedagogies creating potential for rich learning experiences for her students.

Danni is passionate about engaging and innovative pedagogy, and its effect on student growth and learning. She is currently Deputy Head of the Junior Learning Community at Hillcrest Christian College, where she has led the implementation of a skills-based framework, agile learning spaces and Design-Centred Learning tasks. She is a Google Educator, and initially launched the Google Educator Group (GEG) in the Gold Coast region.

Mark is the Head of eLearning (P-12) and the STEM and Social Innovation Coordinator at Emmanuel College. He is also recognised as a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator and was awarded as a Hot List recipient by the Educator Magazine in 2017 for being an influential figure in the K-12 education space. With a background in primary teaching, Mark has a passion for pushing the boundaries and bringing innovation and engagement into the classroom through the use of technology.

Darren is a passionate educator who strives to find innovative and engaging ways to use technology to drive student learning in the 21st Century. He has extensive experience leading pedagogical change within schools, having worked across the Gold Coast for over 20 years. Some highlights include supporting Microsoft Sweden to drive digital transformation in Stockholm schools in 2013, receiving the Science Innovation Champion Award from the Queensland Government in 2014 for work in 21st Century learning, working with the Teacher Centre of Excellence to provide training for STEM undergraduate students from Griffith University, and continuing his work on Design Centred Learning, SECRET Skills and the Learn2eSteam Philosophy with staff at Hillcrest Christian College.

Shelley is a Mathematics teacher passionate about the use of technology to unlock student understanding. Shelley is the author of a variety of iTunesU courses to develop understanding of mathematics for middle school students, as well as coding in LegoEV3 and the TI Nspire calculator, the latter inspired by her leadership in the school Robotics Club. Shelley has added to her education completing her Masters in Education with a focus on mathematics and integrating technology in the classroom in 2016. This continued interest in both mathematics and technology has further spurred her passion in the need to see STEM effectively being implemented in schools.

Paula Thomas is passionate about creatively engaging students in challenges that promote curiosity, develop resilience and foster a lifelong love of learning. Experiment, Fail, Learn, Repeat is the keystone of her educational philosophy and is reflected in her classroom practices and those of her students.
She dreams up innovative ways to build opportunities to embed ICTs and 21st Century Teaching and Learning Skills as an integral part of the Primary Curriculum. Paula is an Apple Distinguished Educator and is currently working in the role of Tech Ambassador at West End State School, planning and co-teaching the P-6 Digital Technologies Curriculum and facilitating Staff Professional Development. She has worked for many years as a Primary Teacher, eLearning Coordinator, ICT Specialist, Adult ESL Teacher and at QUT as a Guest Lecturer for pre-service teachers presenting “Digital Media in the Primary Classroom”.

Jackie Bondell is Education and Public Outreach Coordinator for OzGrav, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery, developing educational content for public outreach events and curriculum for school incursion programs, focusing on incorporating innovative technology. Prior to joining OzGrav, Jackie spent 15 years as a Physics instructor in the US. During her teaching career, she was the recipient of multiple teaching awards, including the National Science Teachers Association (US) Technology Award for Innovative Use of Technology in Science Teaching. She holds a Masters Degree in Astrophysics and is a National Board Certified Teacher of Secondary Physical Science.